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John Masters Organics Farfalla Lily Lolo cowshed Primavera Weleda Logona Lavera Burts Bees Sante Heliotrop Martina Gebhardt
Martina GebhardtEYE CARE Cream


€79.33 / 100 ml
LaveraBio Camu Camu Colour...


€39.97 / 100 ml
LaveraBasis Sensitiv Zahncreme...


€2.65 / 100 ml
Burt's BeesIntense Hydration Night Cream


€39.90 / 100 g
PrimaveraSchlafwohl Kissenspray


€26.33 / 100 ml
Dr. Bronner'sFlüssigseife Teebaum

from €3.99

€6.76 / 100 ml
John Masters...Deep Scalp Follicle...


€23.80 / 100 ml
Burt's BeesTinted Lip Balms Rose


€198.75 / 100 g
Schmidt's...Cedarwood Juniper Deodorant


€18.50 / 100 g
benecosNatural Mascara Maximum...


€56.13 / 100 ml

najoba – Your online shop for natural cosmetics

A broad variety of natural cosmetics and vegan cosmetics is just waiting to care for your skin with rich and natural ingredients. Experience the natural cosmetics which will spoil your body with the power of nature. You will find nourishing facial creams, highly effective anti-ageing products, essential oils and organic hair color for your natural hair care. We are also offering a wide variety of products for your facial-, body- and haircare that are completely free of any animal testing.

Natural cosmetics – pleasant for skin & hair and gentle to the environment

The priority of najoba has always been on natural cosmetics with high standard that will nourish your body and protect the environment. Products that will harm the environment were intentionally spared. Since najoba stands for natural cosmetics that will bring radiance to your skin and on the same time, keep the beauty of our environment, the shipping of our products is CO2 neutral and in ecofriendly packaging. Najoba is only offering certified cosmetics and sustainable feel-good products with the best ingredients and no harmful substances. Because nothing is closer to you, than what you apply onto your skin. Transparency is most important for us: Therefor you can see at first glance what ingredients are in our products and which effect they have on your skin.

najoba – A naturally beautiful shopping experience

Experience our fascinating product lines and naturally beautiful shopping world. Next to the popular classic topics we are constantly searching for the latest trends for you. On najoba.de you are able to find a wide variety of beauty and care products by the most popular national and international brands and producers like Primavera, Logona, Martina Gebhardt, Weleda or Lavera.